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tanshu 9301d8d07e Fix: Didn't take into account the direction of slashes for Windows. 2018-05-17 16:09:53 +05:30
tanshu 49faa9786d Moved to a new printer name format in PrintLocation
If printing from windows, then the printer name should be prefixed with smb.
If printing from linux, then the printer name should be prefixed with cups.
If printing directly, then the printer name should be prefixed with pdl.
2018-05-17 15:52:27 +05:30
tanshu 7733b16611 Fix: To prevent accidental double printing, the print bill and print kot buttons are greyed out once clicked till the end of the function 2017-01-12 12:45:21 +05:30
tanshu 3d3c21b853 Fix: Sale Detail Report would not show the proper NC as it did not check of the product was Happy Hour and at times would overwrite the wrong value
Feature: Modifier form now resizes the buttons so that if there are more modifiers than can fit on the screen, the button size will reduce to a degree
Feature: The Final Sanction is also a background worker and reports progress.
2016-12-03 12:08:47 +05:30
tanshu 68388705f1 Feature: Log sql can be turned on or off from the Config file 2016-08-31 13:33:04 +05:30
tanshu 5e64209b76 Feature: Added a Tax Management form and a beer consumption report.
Chore: Fixed some Form_Load function names as they were copied from old forms and were not neat.
Feature: Management BI Improved and should be pretty much solid by now.
2016-07-04 11:51:39 +05:30
tanshu 09a8b546cf Fix: Tax Analysis Report and Management Get VAT Sale now show the same sales.
It also finally makes it work properly.
2016-05-14 19:28:18 +05:30
tanshu 5f0f80ed1e Fix: Updated PrintBill where discount is showed on screen before printing bill.
Fix: Updated Product Page so that HappyHour is updated properly
2016-05-12 14:41:02 +05:30
tanshu 5124347d1b Converted Session to Stateless Session in the ManagementBI as State Session
would randomly give a stale state error.
Fixed numerous bugs in the ManagementBI. Needs testing, but should be working now.
2016-04-21 17:25:14 +05:30
tanshu 57f3f7e08d Fix: OpenBill was not resetting _editVoucherID value before loading bill. 2016-04-13 15:26:02 +05:30
tanshu 7050ff5bd3 Fix: Because of changes in bill loading, there were errors in
reprint/split and other functions where inventories from
     old vouchers was added to new voucher.
2016-04-13 15:08:20 +05:30
tanshu 19353005a5 Fix: Quantity for the kot could not be negative, so no scope of deleting products
Fix: It was asking to confirm cancel even when no new product was added.
2016-04-11 18:57:07 +05:30
tanshu 20eac3c216 Refactor: Instead of a concept of Price/FullPrice, happy hour is now a checkbox in the product.
This needed major refactor in all parts dealing with product or inventory.
2016-04-11 12:31:52 +05:30
tanshu 69cb7d8bce Chore: Rename _billController to _controller as it is shorter
Removed: Unused SelectorEvent Helper
Refactor: Removed references to SaleForm from BillController as it is not needed.
2016-03-31 14:13:26 +05:30
tanshu 51d518d2a0 Major refactor of the Sales Form and Bill controller to make code more readable and less error prone.
The functions now only do one thing.
2016-03-31 12:27:39 +05:30
tanshu bb2db24837 Refactor: Refactored the bill inventory in the hope of making it less
error prone and more understandable.
Refactor: Also upgrade path to moving from Price/FullPrice to HasHappyHour/
Must have a few errors.
2016-03-29 15:06:46 +05:30
tanshu 4ac6f66041 Chore: Added full name property to product
Chore: Removed GetButton Function in ControlFactory.
2016-03-29 12:52:33 +05:30
tanshu 2c206b059a Merge branch 'master' of 2016-01-18 16:16:46 +05:30
tanshu 69560cfb07 Chore: Removed Waiter as it was not ever used.
Refactor: Changed the user list form to a normal form.
Feature: Service Charge disabled setting removes it from the Product Form.
2016-01-18 16:13:43 +05:30
tanshu caf9b3106c Feature: Added Machine Locations so that setting the location in the config file is not needed.
Feature: Settings database table added to store string based settings.
         It is right now used to store bill header and footer.
         Hard Coded header/footer removed from file.
Feature: Tax Analysis form created to easily show the tax calculation.
Feature: Management form uses background workers.  Dont' know if it is functional though.
Chore: Reorder Table form moved to masters from sales folder.
Refactor: ManagementBI and SalesAnalysisBI
2016-01-04 10:52:01 +05:30
tanshu 2b84c11107 Added the Database backup script 2015-03-18 09:29:03 +05:30
tanshu 0456135497 Removed Code and BaseCode from Products
Management form almost fixed. Error testing now.
2014-12-03 12:43:35 +05:30
tanshu b1a9d2daae Lot of changes. Now table must be explicitly updated and not from inside various functions. This makes for better understanding and lesser mistakes.
Product form now has an IsActive checkbox to show only active products.
2014-11-20 13:42:20 +05:30
tanshu e3f92da5ad Fix: Update settlements was broken and would remove the Amount and Roundoff settlements
Chore: SalesAnalysis report refactored
2014-11-11 15:53:54 +05:30
tanshu c52f382ec2 Feature: Added SortOrder to Inventory.
Chore: Settle Choices form greatly simplified.
Feature: Modifiers are now cached.
2014-11-10 16:36:49 +05:30
tanshu 3706d8eb1e Feature: User List Sorted.
Fix: Checkes were not being removed from Listbox
2014-11-10 12:54:48 +05:30
tanshu 948cd0bf28 Finally Deployed. Don't know the total amount of changes. 2014-11-06 16:09:11 +05:30
tanshu dc3576437f Fix: Table two also pointed to voucher one only. 2014-11-02 13:42:32 +05:30
tanshu 3ca8b29e04 Regression: BillItemKey added the compare methods back
Regression: PrintLocation added the compare methods back
Breaking: Kot.Code is now integers
Breaking: Kot Update is now via Stored Procedure to get DB Values
Breaking: Reprints Insert is now via Stored Procedure to get DV Values
Breaking: Voucher.BillID and KotID are now integers
Breaking: Voucher Insert/Update is now via Stored Procedures to get DV Values also Dirty Checking for Voucher has been overwritten to set dirty for LastEditDate update
Fix: Login forms simplified
Feature: PrintLocation and Products are cached application wide.
2014-11-02 13:33:31 +05:30
tanshu 45831e2e4d Chore: Cruft Cleanup 2014-10-16 16:45:03 +05:30
tanshu da929ad036 Breaking Change: Changed Kot/Voucher Table Name to Guid Foreign key
Breaking Change: Renamed Discontinued to IsActive and added NA field to products.
Cleanup: Removed not used attributes
Change: RoleConstants changed to simple string
Feature: Table Create/Edit/Reorder and Modifier Create/Edit Form
Feature: Bills now show the Tax name from the database and not a hack
2014-10-16 16:41:55 +05:30
tanshu 69617949bd Important! : Need to update to new schema using SQL Scripts
Important! : This version will not work.  It is pre-alpha and saved in case of catastrophic failure
Refactor: Remove dependency on Fluent Nhibernate.
Refactor: All Primary keys are now Guids.
Refactor: Class Mappings changed from AutoMap to Explicit Mappings.
Breakage: All Cascading is now disabled and entities must be explicitly saved/updated/deleted
Breakage: Auto Commiting is now off and "SaveChanges()" needs to be called on all BIs.
Refactor: Changed the pattern where all relevant db code for an operation is basically in the same function.
Chore: Removed Advance and Payments options.
2014-10-12 15:11:45 +05:30
unknown 36dd81bc6f Refactor: Added the newtonsoft json library so that all sql is ultimately replaced with json backend written in python 2014-01-28 17:21:20 +05:30
Tanshu d4ea454add Feature: Added a net field in printed bill. 2013-10-05 15:20:32 +05:30
Tanshu 330d66a7f8 Merge branch 'management' 2013-02-12 18:56:31 +05:30
Tanshu fd54104560 Management form working with the correct CSV file. 2013-02-12 18:55:10 +05:30
Tanshu a938a9e693 Merge branch 'master' into management 2012-12-01 19:44:09 +05:30
Tanshu 5a8918ddf5 Major error, table exists check was wrong. Did not allow opening new table. 2012-12-01 16:19:06 +05:30
Tanshu c71e302e97 Missed the file in this branch. Added. 2012-12-01 16:16:42 +05:30
Tanshu 843d644154 Added ST Number to bill.
Fixed error were unprinted bill was not removed from table when voided.
2012-12-01 15:19:33 +05:30
Tanshu a984b1f527 Switched to management branch to develop management module.
Initial commit dunno what has changed.
2012-12-01 15:18:02 +05:30
unknown 2d1030abf6 Scripts to transition database to new version.
Changed inventory and product entities to split Vat and Service Tax and IsScTaxable.
Added MessageBox on startup to inform about Debug Mode.
Updated ProductForm for the change.
Work still needs to be done on Thermal Printing where the hack for VAT on Food and VAT on Liqour is still there.
Now No Service Tax on Delivery Works as promised.
2012-04-08 17:58:15 +05:30
unknown 964d0a78bf Added Basecode to Product
Added Voucher Type During Printing
Added Discount Report
Fixed Void bill table not getting cleared error
Added PAX to table
Removed Itital Setup button in MainForm as it was not doing anything
2011-12-05 15:11:02 +05:30
unknown 719dbd49d2 Added FullPrice column to display Happy Hour Pricing.
Added Void or Reprint Report.
Changed Product.SalePrice -> Price
Changed Inventory.Rate -> Price
2011-08-28 17:47:15 +05:30
unknown 831ec37cda Reprint and Printed bill editing logged.
Printed bill can no longer be changed, any changes voids the bill and prints a new one.
Added option to Split Bill.
Kot printed with right time.
Numerous bug fixes.
2011-08-23 12:40:05 +05:30
unknown 226cc30057 Linux printing should work perfectly now.
To print first install printer with cups then give local printername as printer (not the URI).
2011-07-12 14:17:55 +05:30
unknown 0eb5c7d939 Experimental Support for CUPS Printing, not working as of now. 2011-07-12 12:30:48 +05:30
unknown 59909a5ee7 Updated NH, Code Refactoring, made all DB transactions atomic.
Must use the Repositories with Using or else bad things will happen.
2011-06-30 01:57:07 +05:30
unknown d8ecec8bb6 Added inverse Attribute to ProductGroup.
BillInventory Renamed.
Refactored Bill to be more usable.
Added Bill Detail Report.
Added Open Bill and Bill Details Roles.
Zero Rate Products have Yellow background Color.
Refactored UserBI, FoodTableBI, ModifierBI, PrintLocationBI, ProductBI, ProductGroupBI, TaxBI, UserBI,
Cached the Products List.
Product and Product Group Form Working.
2011-06-23 18:17:48 +05:30
unknown 0cb7d3cf09 Changed Checkout to correctly reflect cash. Minor updates. 2011-04-11 18:25:45 +05:30